Our Partners

We are partnering with the services that have been most useful in our pre and post MBA journeys. If you’d like to use one of these services please use our links here as we have built affiliate partnerships with each to sustain free mentorship.

Great, you got in! Now you are probably wondering how do I finance the MBA? Finding scholarships is a phenomenal way to lower the total cost of an MBA. But if you are considering a loan, there is no better provider than Juno. They use group buying power to negotiate with lenders to get you the best interest rates available. Think student loans, with a volume discount. Check out their blog as it has a ton of valuable resources including The Ultimate Guide to Student Loans.

First, Juno builds a large group of students, graduates and families seeking loans. In spring, Juno negotiates with lenders for their member’s business. From there, Juno sends all of its members a special link to access the lender who offered us the lowest rates.

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