Frequently Asked Questions

The global MBA community is as diverse, unique and vibrant as the world around us. People's interaction is what holds us together and what makes it possible for us to support one another.

Yes, we are working hard to figure out a sustainable financial model, but ultimately any mentorship platform that requires a payment for a conversation is a service. Do not get that confused. When you have to pay for mentorship you are actually paying for a service. We deeply believe that your ability to access social capital should not come at a financial cost to you.
Yup. No strings attached. We trust that you are able to self identify as an underdog. Underdogs come in all shapes and sizes but have one thing in common, we have overcome hurdles that at one point we did not think would be possible.
Our mentors are excited to share both how they have navigated their career and why they decided an MBA was right for them. Please do not request that they review your resume, cover letter, or other application materials.
Informal mentorship simply means that there is no follow up or matching process. While long lasting mentorship relationships are extremely important, we are focused on the informal aspect because many times you just need in the moment advice to keep pushing forward.
It’s not always about what you know but who (except in the case of the GMAT/GRE). When we don’t have a social circle that can help us navigate specific challenges in the application process it can seem daunting and even impossible. Underdog mentors volunteer to help mentees (you) with the following, please review their profile as each one has their own preferences:
  • Understanding a specific MBA program
  • Overall MBA application process
  • Is MBA right for me? 
  • Test taking advice
  • essay writing advice
  • resume writing advice
  • My experience at MBA program
This doesn’t happen often but please don’t ask mentors to write a letter of recommendation for the program you are interested in. Those are meant for colleagues whom they have worked with and have had a longer standing relationship with.
Yes, please be mindful of your mentor’s time and give as much heads up as possible whenever you need to cancel or reschedule a call. Also, the bios were specifically created to share their story so you have a better understanding of who it is that you are connecting with.

Getting started

Before your session

1- Book time with a mentor who’s story or background you identify with.

2- Complete the pre-call survey. Without it the mentor will not take the call..

During the session

1- Be kind and respectful

2- Be open-minded to feedback

3- Make sure that you take notes

4- Keep the session within 30 minutes

5- Lastly, take a virtual selfie with your mentor & share it!

P.S. We encourage the waiting time to be max 10 minutes and emailing at the 5 minute mark. Many times mentors are coming out of class or work meetings. If either one of the party does not show up, please reschedule first. If either party ghosts, please report to

After the session

Complete the post-call survey to provide feedback for the mentors. One of the reasons why they love doing this is because of the feedback they receive to improve their communication styles.

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