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Hey, I’m Steve and I’m stoked to connect with you!

My career trajectory has not been linear, and I’ve been incredibly grateful to have mentors at every stage to help guide me and help me stay true to my values. Those values include, but are not limited to helping others, broadening and identifying transferability across different academic and functional pursuits, challenging myself and most importantly, having fun.

Academically, I studied Medical Sciences and Medicine at the University of Sydney, Australia. Adamant that I was going to be a Paediatric Surgeon, I undertook teaching positions at the Medical School, researched, published and presented on Paediatric Surgery and worked as a senior resident at Sydney Children’s Hospital.

Parallel to my clinical work, I spend my time volunteering in the disability support space in Sydney. I founded and ran a social support program for young people with special needs, and currently sit on the board of an endowment fund that incubates and funds ventures in this space. It was the impact of this work that inspired me to pursue my MBA at MIT, and I am now looking to develop my toolkit to help innovate new models for healthcare delivery as an entrepreneur.

We don’t always know what the right decisions are going to be when we make them. For me, choosing to invest a significant amount of time in Science and Medicine and then pivot into business, where some might say I was giving up a lot of work I had put in, was definitely humbling. When I first tried to start my own digital health company, I felt like I was in over my head. The language was different, the skills didn’t completely align and I felt like a beginner again, when I had previously felt like an expert in my field. It took time, but I learned to look for the synergies and transferable skills along my non-linear journey. Instead of running from this feeling of newness and unfamiliarity - I’ve learned to chase it and enjoy the challenges and the lessons that come from them. I’ve found that there has been a great amount of transferability of my skills and thinking across science, to medicine, to social work and now to business. Often these understandings come from working with mentors to realize synergies that I can leverage from my non-linear journey.

If my story resonates with yours please reach out! I enjoy helping others navigate their own non-linear journeys.

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