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Share one or two resources that you found helpful on your MBA Journey

Applicant Lab was one of the most useful resources during my MBA journey. Maria, the founder, does a great job at giving an insider’s view of the admissions committee (Adcom) and explaining the “why” behind the essay questions. The product is very well thought of and the team is hardworking and excellent. It personally helped me get out a great first draft which I later refined with the help of my admissions consultant.

What is one thing you wish you knew about the process that took you a while to figure out?

It took me a while to understand what the B-school adcoms are really looking for. I did not always know that I wanted to get into B-School. I landed on my decision to join B-School by eliminating other options of masters degrees. I learned that above everything else B-Schools Adcoms are looking for the most practical answer to “Why MBA?” and “Why Now?” because their primary goal is your employability. Once I realized that, it was easy to put together the story of my past and how it ties to my future goals.


Hi, and welcome to my profile! I’m Lakshmi and I am currently a second year MBA at MIT Sloan School of Management.

I was born and brought up in India and spent most of my academic life pursuing things that were driven by societal norms and parental expectations rather than my own interest. So, I pursued a degree in STEM and felt like an underdog when I saw my peers outperform me in quantitative subjects. However, I persevered by deliberately taking on a minor in Finance and it was when I landed my first job at Goldman Sachs that I actually started feeling differently about myself. While I liked the fact that I learned from each and every one of my colleagues, I missed the feeling of making an impact in underprivileged communities in India.

I then shifted to a technology start-up in the sustainability tracking and reporting space called Goodera where I influenced multiple companies to think broadly and deeply about their social and environmental impact on the communities surrounding them. However, I felt the need to improve my leadership and people managerial abilities and decided to pursue an MBA.

My fear from underperformance in the quantitative subjects in undergrad haunted me when I first started preparing for the GMAT especially because I decided not to take any coaching for the test. It was after a year of rigorous preparation and self-study from different sources such as GMAT Club, the official GMAT website and after strenuous work hours in the start-up that I took the test successfully. The immense help from admissions consultants during my application process landed me my seat at MIT Sloan. Looking back, it is quite hard to believe that I came this far in my journey but my undefeated persistence carried me all the way here and will hopefully do so in the future. Along my journey, I had help from alums in my undergraduate college and good Samaritans who selflessly lent time to clarify my doubts. I am excited to do the same for you if you choose to speak with me. Irrespective of that, I wish you good luck in the application process!

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