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So many things! But one aspect is that you should generally work with an MBA time window in mind. For me I wanted to start before turning 30 and had a two year time window from when I first applied. The same application can get in one year and not another based on the applicant pool. MBA Programs are trying to do their best to build the best possible class and that means something different to each. Embrace your story while also knowing what makes for a strong profile to each respective school.


I'm a recent grad from the MIT Sloan School of Management. I've been extremely fortunate to have a strong set of mentors and advisors starting since my sophomore year of college at UC Irvine and am convinced that mentorship relationships can help individuals accelerate their growth and personal development.

I was born in Mexico City and moved to the US when I was 7 years old. My underdog story started around my junior year of high school. I had no idea what the college preparation journey entailed and it wasn't until the end of my Junior year that I realized I had to take the SATs and start to visit universities. I landed at UC Irvine which was a phenomenal school for me personally and was very fortunate that my parents were able to save enough money to pay for my tuition. To make up for living expenses I became a resident advisor, campus tour guide, and community assistant. In 2013 I won the Semester at Sea's Presidential Scholarship to study abroad on the MV Explorer. Travel has been a critical part of my life experience and has helped me realize that we are generally much more similar than we are different.

In 2015 I took my first significant leap of faith. I quit my job as a civil engineer and moved to Cambridge, MA with a backpack and a dream (you can read more here). I used all of my savings and raised some money through GoFundMe to get me through the first 3 months while I attended Startup Institute to transition into tech sales. That year I wrote myself a letter that in 3-4 years I'd be at a top MBA program. Last summer I interned at Google Cloud and after graduating I’ve been part of the MIT delta v accelerator working on Underdog Coaching. In addition to Underdog Coaching, I mentor at Hack.Diversity and Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Learn more about my professional background on my LinkedIn.

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