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I used the Poets&Quants profiles of admissions directors and schools to prep for the interview.

One thing I wish I knew about the MBA application process

The more you figure out now, the more time you save later. Listen to people when they say how busy you will be. Talk to as many people as you can, refine your ideas of what you want, and hit the ground running!


Hello! My name is Jean Santos. I’m delighted to get to know you and see part of your leadership journey!

My underdog story centers around how I took control of my career post-college. I had studied Chemistry at a small liberal arts college and returned to Boston to work as a professional researcher for a few years. As the most junior employee of my research organization, I routinely found my input into research projects, infrastructure and process improvements, and future business opportunities ignored or waved off. Instead of contributing to cutting edge research as an equal contributor, I was a grunt expected to do the “easy” part.

In response to this environment, I chose to look outward and focus on the needs of our customer: lab researchers who used our facilities, data scientists who processed our data, and graduate students who needed to access our cutting edge technologies routinely and affordably. A relationship-oriented approach forced me to step up my game and learn new skills in order to be fluent with my customer’s goals. In time, I transitioned to an automation engineer expert role on the strength of my deep knowledge of the customer and their needs. From then onward, I held the authority to influence how decisions are made. Similarly, I chose to pursue an MBA at MIT Sloan after recognizing fundamental issues with our business model and how we operated; I recognized it was time to act and pursue a path that would allow me to build the organizations I initially sought out as a college graduate.

For me, an underdog is someone who is scrappy, ambitious, and focused on the different stakeholders their dream will impact. I aim to pay forward the mentorship and help I received in my journey any which way I can. I cannot wait to see what kind of underdog you are and help you achieve your goals!

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