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To have switched to the GRE sooner. I let my ego get in the way and kept telling myself “I spent all this money, time, and resources on the GMAT already, I’ll crack it” and I never did. After two years, I switched over to the GRE and improved my score faster than I ever did on the GMAT. Advice to everyone, take both exams cold and see where you feel more comfortable and perform better, and then go from there.


My underdog story began when my parents decided to leave their home country in Mexico to settle in the outskirts of Los Angeles to give their children a better life. As the daughter of immigrant parents, women, oldest of four, low income, and first-generation, all odds were against me. Mi nombre es Claudia Moreno, I am Mexican American and the proud daughter of a small business owner. As the first daughter, I felt a huge responsibility to lead the way and open opportunities for myself and my siblings, and future generations.

I can confidently say I would not be where I am now if not for programs like AVID. Being the first daughter to immigrant parents is not an easy path. If I could not run to my parents for homework advice, there was absolutely no way I could ask them for college preparation advice. This is where AVID filled in the gap. As a high school freshman, I vividly remember that I wanted to go to an online university only because that was all I was exposed to through TV. I, like many first-generation students, did not hear my parents talk about their alma mater or their grand expectations about their children going to college; instead, our parent's priorities were more immediate concerns such as having food on the table and being able to afford that next doctor's visit, among other things. However, AVID gave my peers and our families all the essential information, prepared us to be eligible for college, and ensured we were well informed before deciding which university to attend. Thanks to this preparation and support, I had the opportunity to attend a top-tier school, UC Berkeley. It was a goal that had seemed unreachable. Leaving my hometown at the young age of 18 to attend UC Berkeley was an opportunity that changed the course of my life for the better.

Currently, I am pursuing my Master's in Business Administration (MBA) at the MIT Sloan School of Management and Master's in Public Administration (MPA) at Harvard Kennedy School of Government. My studies focus on economic development, social impact investing, and the future of work. Truly humbled by the passion and impact entrepreneurs have in our communities, I'll be equipped with the tools offered at MIT and Harvard to come back to the Inland Empire and work towards making equitable policies for our small businesses. In my free time, I practice yoga and jiu-jitsu. You will always see me enjoy a sweet cup of coffee.

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