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One thing I wish I knew about the MBA application process

The MBA application is like a mural, you decide how to paint it, what to include in it and how to display your unique strengths.


“Be intentional with your time.” This is the one thing I wish I heard more often at the onset of my MBA experience. The hardest thing about an MBA is deciding what to do with your time: learning new skills, developing relationships, starting a company, exploring new career paths, etc. It can be overwhelming, it certainly was for me! I’d be excited to share my experience with you and hopefully help you get the most out of your MBA.

My name is Alfonso Martinez, I’m from the Dominican Republic, moved to the US for college and stayed here ever since. I completed my undergraduate degree at a small school in Massachusetts called Bentley University where I majored in Economics. I started off my career in management consulting, at Accenture, where I got placed in the Healthcare practice. I never thought of myself as a Healthcare person, but I really enjoyed diving into the industry. Fast forward a few years, I’ve now worked in health tech companies, started a consumer health venture and now work at another health tech startup.

I graduated from MIT Sloan in May 2020 and currently work in Product Management at Capital Rx, a health tech startup that looks to redefine the way prescriptions are priced and administered in the US. During my time at MIT Sloan, I co-founded auggi, a gut-health startup backed by the MIT delta v accelerator and MIT Sandbox Innovation Fund, where I currently serve as a mentor. I was also the Co-Director of the MIT COVID-19 Challenge and was teaching assistant for an entrepreneurship course at MIT.

Thinking back to my personal experience applying to business school, I remember essays being particularly challenging. Deciding what to write about, wondering if my story was ‘good enough’ and constantly thinking about what others might include in their essays made it tough to draft good quality content. It wasn’t until my support network (i.e. family, friends and mentors) helped me realize that I had plenty to share, and that a great essay was an essay that shared who I am and what my potential really is. I was able to tune out the noise and draft essays that really represented me. This was instrumental in making sure I joined an MBA program that enabled me to become the best version of myself.

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