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Our Mission

Applying to business school can be daunting. We believe that having access to social capital is critical to helping you navigate the whole process. Connect with a current student or alumni from one of the top MBA programs in the US to learn about their application journey.

Steps to schedule a conversation with a Mentor

Step 1: Filter and search through our mentors to find one who is right for you

Step 2: Tell us about your background and conversation goals via survey

Step 3: Book time via Calendly

Step 4: Prepare and show up to the call (read through FAQs)

Step 5: After call, complete feedback survey


Our goal is to deliver the most convenient way of finding coaches to help you on your journey.

Highly Qualified Coaches

Every coach you'll connect with has his/her own underdog story and has had a high level of achievement in their respective field.

All Backgrounds Welcome

Underdogs exist in all areas of our society. We champion all those who know the odds are stacked against them but continue to pursue their dreams.

Featured Coaches


Total 4.9/5 star reviews on 80+ calls
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